• Hi
    I have been attracted to abandoned buildings for many years. Their history, stories, peoples lives intertwined with them.
    Photographing them to me is a way of preserving them once they have disappeared.

    Hope you enjoy...

  • New Images July

    19/07/2016 12:11:39 pm

    Hi Been busy the last few weeks. Working on several new images.
    This is the first. Taken on the beautiful Wide Bay Qld coast.
    "Stranded, Maaroom,Qld."

  • "Mangroves 1"

    21/02/2016 9:43:37 am

    My latest image "Mangroves 1" taken at Point Vernon ,Qld.
    The ever-changing moods of the beach. Captivating.

  • Upcoming venue for my Prints

    16/02/2016 9:20:58 am

    Hi,I have been invited to hang some of my prints in a coffee house artspace in Hervey Bay.I am busy printing and framing a selection of my prints to hang.It will be great to see these images I have selected printed and hanging for the first time.I will keep...

  • Long Exposures

    02/02/2016 11:51:00 am

    Hi This most recent image "Passage" is the first in what I hope to be a series of long exposure images.
    This is a seascape in Hervey Bay, Queensland ,Australia. 192sec exposure.
    Capturing the moment is extended creating surreal landscapes.

  • Maquarie Harbour Tasmania. - Magical light,wild west coast of Tasmania.
Macquarie Harbour. Steeped in brutal convict history.

    Macquarie Harbour Tasmania.

    16/02/2015 12:11:57 pm


    An image taken a while ago on the wild west coast of Tasmania.

    I wasnt happy with it originally,however have worked on it for a while and now it conveys the atmosphere of the scene for me.

    "Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania".  So much brutal convict history in this area.













  • Pause - London Street - A moment in a central London street.


    Continuing on the theme from my travels in the UK 2013 .

    This latest image is from a stroll through busy central London.

    Difficult to stroll through London.

    A friend commented ,"wow,you have actual people in this image" Very witty.




  • Hi,

    This is my latest image taken on Yorkshire coastline.

    A sea wall which is battered by North Sea storms.

    Lucky enough to have spent several days in this glorious area.


  • lagoon 2 - Lagoon Clermont,Queensland.

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  • Wharf ,Yorkshire Coast. - A fishing village ,Yorkshire coast.

    New Website additions

    22/10/2013 11:12:43 am

    Bit of a slow few weeks lately. Creativity at a low ebb.

    However have now added a couple of new images.

    First is an image from a great train journey I took on the Abt Wilderness Railway in the wild west of Tasmania. Stunning trip. Sadly this railway is to close.

    Second image is of a wharf in a fishing village in Yorkshire. I was captivated by the arrangement of the fishing gear.